When scientists talk about e-Zyvec…

Today we are very pleased to share some comments from Dr Nick Crang who worked with our vectors for the past months. Nick has joined the Hudson lab (KTH Royal Institute of Technology – Sweden) in 2020 to investigate chemolithoautotrophs with industrial potential. Suffice to say his needs in vector design were very specific and sophisticated.

What made you try our services ?

Nick: We had an idea for a new project based around dCPF1 repression, but we knew I would not have the time to make the vector necessary for several months at the least, so we decided to take Sylvain (e-Zyvec project manager) up on his offer. 

How was your experience with us?

N: The overall process was very smooth. I had three meetings in total with Sylvain to discuss the vector we wanted assembled. The vector was fully sequenced and it worked perfectly to give us tunable dCPF1 based repression in our host organism.  

Why would you recommend e-Zyvec to your collegues?

N: e-Zyvec has made it possible to progress with a project that would otherwise have remained “a nice idea to test one day”. 

We are very glad to have contributed to Nick’s work to his satisfaction. And we do have the will and the means to keep boosting elegant and impactful projects like Nick’s. Are you ready to change gear with us? Let’s have a call. 

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