AAV vectors

We provide series of fully customized and controled plasmids for an efficient screening of multiple DNA molecules containing the gene of interest.


AAV vector

What can we provide in terms of AAV vectors?

Polyplus provides series of fully customized and controlled transfer plasmids for an efficient screen of multiple DNA molecules containing your genes of interest.

Thanks to our online platform and our unique vector assembly technology, you can fully design your viral vectors and integrate all the cassettes that meet your needs, whether promoter or selectable, marker or resistance gene, etc…

Our tailor-made transfer AAV pTransgene are fully compatible with regular protocol for viral particle production.

Furthermore, you can use our vectors to produce viral particle or transfer it to any suitable service provider. As part of our collaboration, we can always recommend you to skilled professional, the Viral Vectors platform of the GIGA Institute in Liège.

           AAV pHelper and REP/CAP will soon be available!

Key advantages & benefits to leverage:


Our service prices will be based on the specifications of your project. One of the first specification will be the complexity of your DNA vectors (Regular, advanced, sophisticated), then the type of services (standard or premium)… 

As your understand, tailored services also means tailored fees. If you wish to have a precise price of your project in euros, you will must to create your project on our online platform and submit it to our experts (see below how to do it), or you can also contact us.

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About our transfection reagents

How can we help in terms of transfection reagents?

A major challenge today is manufacturing sufficient quantities of AAV in order to treat larger groups of patients. 

Now, e-Zyvec is a part of Polyplus, this allow you to get the best complementarity beetwen our AAV vector and our transfection reagents. For AAV, we recommend to use FectoVIR®-AAV.

FectoVIR®-AAV is a novel class of animal free transfection reagent specifically developed for production of recombinant AAV (rAAV) viral vectors. FectoVIR®-AAV transfection reagent guarantees higher rAAV viral titers, improved flexibility and scalability for industrial scale manufacturing.



e-Zyvec AAV vector service is routinely for plasmid Transfer. Regarding projects with plasmid Helper or Rep/cap, please inquiry our support team.

For an optimal packaging of virions, the size of the GOI, from ITR to ITR should amount to 4-5kb. 

The way we work is based on regular exchange with the customers. There is a lot of back and forth to ensure that we have the right pieces of information from you, and that what we want to offer actually fits your needs. If we put it in a nutshell, it can be summarized as the big plasmid schema in our Home page.

It’s not strictly a milestone scheme, but everything is not done in one go. All along the project, you get to ask for modifications if needed. We are working in close relationship with you to conduct the project.

There are general terms and conditions that are provided with the quote. Amongst them, there is a restricted use of the plasmid constructs for Research purpose.

This is difficult to say: it depends on what you are trying to improve!

Yield is not the only advantage that we can bring. The pTransfer engineering service is a great way to work on optimal plasmid construct in a timely manner and relying on experts. The types of demand are very wide, and it is not always about improving the yield. Sometimes the request can actually be about inserting complex genes or regulating sequences. Or event inserting several genes within one plasmid.

That’s where we can help: most of complex plasmid engineering projects can be handled by eZyvec.

The impact on titers with the GOI plasmid optimization remains to be confirmed. In some cases, it can have an impact, but we cannot give this conclusion prior to testing.

The value is not only in higher yield, but also to address complex construct requests and to provide expert consultancy in a timely manner.

The quote is split between the achievements (there are several lines, additional or not) and it is a one-time payment. Generally, payment is due during the beginning of the project (after discussing your needs and what we can offer you).

Once you have validated your vector with our experts, we guarantee 2-4 weeks from production to vector delivery in Premium, and 4-6 weeks in regular way.


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