Today, it’s the International Day of Women and Girls in Science đŸ§Ș

Women in science carine morel

Proposed by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It’s a perfect day to acknowledge our co-working ladies at e-Zyvec.

The inspiring professional journey of Carine Morel, Director of e-Zyvec has recently been described in our local press.

However, there are three other scientific women working at e-Zyvec (Laëtitia Husse, Béatrice Catieau & julie hauchard), and they all led a very honorable career in the biotechnology field for many years. There is no doubt that their respective experience and skills are boosting our activities.

As a result of our consideration for gender equality while building our start-up, we believe e-Zyvec is now a well balanced environment to work in. So thank you ladies to have accepted to team-up, and keep it on!

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