Next Generation Sequencing Services

Not everybody needs to sequence full genomes...

In order to improve the quality control of our modular DNA vectors, we developped our in-house sequencing services pipeline.

Based on Illumina technology and the use of an I-seq100 apparatus, we are currently finalizing our QC process so we can sequence fully multiple DNA vectors in one shot with 100% coverage.

We provide our illumina iseq-100 to ensure your high throughput sequencing:

 • 1.2gb max output

 • 4 millions reads per run

 • 2 x 150 bp max read length

The expertise we developed in this field can be applied to multiple type of ‘low-volume’ projects of sequencing, for which larger sequencing platform might not be optimal in terms of costs and delays. 

Sequencing services

Here is a non-exhaustive list of such projects:

  •    • Plasmid Sequencing: we can compare your sequencing results to theoretical             maps and highlight any differences, or de novo assemble NGS reads to provide         you a map of an unknown (forgotten) plasmid.
  •    • Large Molecule Sequencing: sub-genomic molecules like Bacterial Artificial             Chromosomes (BAC) or Yeast Artificial Chromosome (YAC) can be sequenced           using a multiple index strategy to ensure coverage.
  •    • Variant Calling: can be applied to libraries of vectors or amplicons (from                     genomic DNA for example) to assess and quantify the genetic variablity within         a population of molecules, clones or cells.

For any of these projects we can work with small series of samples (1 to 96). 

So if you have a neat sequencing project that does not require the mighty power of a large NGS platform, please give us a call to check what we could do for you, or make your project on our online platform and send it to us!