Recombinant AAV

What can we provide in terms of Recombinant AAV?

Because Recombinant AAV can persist in cells without genomic integration, Recombinant AAV (rAAVs) are becoming extremely popular candidates for Gene Therapy applications. Many projects are currently investigating them as such.

We have optimized rAAVs DNA bricks containing or optimized genetic features as well as AAV2 ITR sequences so easily generate rAAV transfer vector. Such vector can only harbor a 4.8Kb genetic cargo rendering them slightly less convenient to use for complex engineering than lentiviral ones.

Our rAAV transfer vectors are fully compatible with regular protocol of production of viral particle.

Recombinant AAV vector

Vector designed with our online tools d-Zyvec.

recombinant aav fluorescence

Please note that we do not provide the service of viral particle production.

However, you can use our vectors with your in-house facility to produce viral particle or transfer it to any suitable service provider. If you do not know any, we can always recommend you to skilled professional such as the Viral Vectors platform of the GIGA Institute in Liège.

Regarding AAV systems, you may also be interested into engineering the other vectors of the packaging system, that are the Rep/Cap vector or the helper vector, to improve or refine the viral particle production (e.g. serotype optimization). This is also something we can very well consider as a project that can benefit from our vector building expertise.