Plasmid amplification

Everyone loves doing plasmid prep right?

Yes, this should be one of the easiest things to do in a lab. The kind of basic everyone learned to do at school (or university). Plus, this is certainly a good use of your valued time, isn’t it?

Well, in fact there is nothing trivial into growing living cells, especially engineered one. Everything matters from the water quality to the duration of incubation.

Our core activity led us to set up a lab where we amplify several hundreds of DNA vectors each month. Suffice to say that we developed a degree of mastering bacterial growth and plasmid extraction.

What we can do for our constructs, we can also apply to any regular plasmid with low or high copy number origin of replication.

So, would you be interested in us relieving you from the burden of plasmid prep, here are our fees:

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