Lentiviral vector

Fastrack your lentiviral vector generation with our optimized DNA bricks

Third generation lentiviral vector have become extremely popular to stably integrate transgenes in eukaryotic cells.

We have optimized lentiviral DNA bricks containing all the genetic features required in a transfer plasmid for third generation lentivirus systems, to be fully compatible and readily available for vector assembly.

Such bricks have been biologically validated in mono- or bi-cistronic set-up and routinely used to generate tailor-made transfer vector.
Do remind that for optimal packaging of virions, the size of the cargo, from LTR to LTR should amount to 8-9kb. Longer cargo can be assembled into our vectors but will result in lower titer of viral particle after packaging. Still our service can be seen as a way to generate simultaneously different size of cargo and compare them in one go to ensure the success of your experiment.

Our tailor-made transfer lentiviral vectors are fully compatible with regular protocol of production of viral particle, as illustrated below. 
lentiviral vector expression

Please note that we do not provide the service of viral particle production.

However, you can use our vectors with your in-house facility to produce viral particle or transfer it to any suitable service provider. If you do not know any, we can always recommend you to skilled professional such as the Viral Vectors platform of the GIGA Institute in Liège.