Dual expression of mutants for localisation study

In this example of dual expression of mutants, our customer wanted to compare the biological behavior of two versions of his protein of interest (wild type and mutant) within a unique cell.

Based or the sequences he could provide, our teams co-designed a vector containing two almost identical cassettes of expression: same promoter, same ORF apart from the mutations within the protein of interest and the fused fluorescent protein, same linker (which, by the way, we optimized for this project), same terminator.

The construct was transferred into Hela Cells and the cellular localization of both chimeras could be monitored by confocal microscopy.

The results are showing a perfect localization match of the two chimeras, demonstrating remarkably that the mutations in the CDS of the protein of interest had no effect on its intracellular localization.

vector dual expression protein

DNA vector designed with D-Zyvec.

dual expression protein microscopy