All in one inducible system

Inducible System in one DNA Vector

Our client needed to integrate all the necessary elements to creat an inducible system of expression in a single DNA molecule, so he could avoid co-transfections as well as handling multiple selection treatments. We generated a vector containing two expression cassettes, one driving the expression of his GFP based fusion protein (1a,1b) under inducible promoter (2), and a second allowing constitutive expression (3a) of the co-activating protein (3b) that could trigger the consitutive promoter together with chemical co-activator (4). Time dependant expression was detected 3 and 9 hours after induction, using an anti-GFP Western blot approach. Membrane expression of the GFP based fusion (1a,1b) was also detected only after induction in transfected neurones, using confocal microscopy.