Our services to Scientists


Mostly, e-Zyvec is providing an integrated service of design and assembly of tailor made DNA vectors. This is our core business.

Because we know that each project is actually unique, we believe that standardized DNA vectors are not the solution for everyone.

Whenever building your desired DNA vectors becomes too complex for you or your providers is actually a good time to talk to us about your project and see what we can do for you.

We assemble vectors for a variety of purposes including but not restricted to:

Our vectors are also available for a variet of models such as, bacteria, yeast, fungi, micro-algaes, drosophila, worms, xenopus and mammal cell lines (mouse, cows, monkeys, human…)

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Moreover, if DNA vectors are not readily available for your non-classical biological model, we will also be able to help you to create new ones.

Please, think of us as your demateralized Molecular Biology Lab.

So, on top DNA vectors construction we can also provide other related services, such as plasmid amplification/extraction and NGS sequencing.