Protein engineering

How can we help?

You are planning to compare alternate versions of your protein of interest, either in vitro or in vivo.

Our seamless assembly method is ideal to manipulate the coding sequence of any protein.

We can handle for you :

  • Point mutation, singular or combinatorial
  • Protein tagging with small epitope or large protein reporter at any location

  • Chimeric construct : 2 to several fused proteins or protein domains

  • Linker optimization to identify the best way to preserves or enhance your proteins activities

  • Large ORFs construct (up to 15Kb)

  • Gene synthesis management & Codon optimization
  • The resulting sequences will be assembled in vectors suitable for the constitutive or inducible expression in your system of choice : bacteria, yeast, plant, insect cells, mammal cells…

    Actually, you can even pick or create any promoter and selection marker to fit your experimental need.

    If needed be, several engineered proteins can be included in multicistronic vectors for simultaneous expression in your system.

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