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eZ-Stop Peptide

eZ-Stop Peptide: better negative controls in your experimentations. What was done up to date? When it comes to setting up your transgenesis experimentation, using either

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Long ORF cloning

Working with long ORF (Open Reading Frame) sequences. For this project, our customer aimed to over-express a long ORF (long protein), named here as Protein

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Site-Directed Mutagenesis

What can we provide in terms of site-directed mutagenesis? In this case of site-directed mutagenesis, our customer was investigating sequentially the effect of several point

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protein tagging GFP

Protein tagging

4 combinations of Protein Tagging: This client wanted to ‘tag’ his protein (Protein tagging) of interest but was wondering which end of the protein was

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eZ-101: Protein Translation

PROTEIN TRANSLATION Protein biosynthesis is the result of the RNA to Protein translation process. Messenger RNA (mRNA), transcribed from DNA, will be processed by the ribosomal

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