What e-zyvec can bring to the matter of promoters

Regulation of coding (protein) or non-coding (RNAs) expression is a complex matter, whatever the biological system you are experimenting with.

Working with engineered expression vector implies to choose carefully the promoter(s) that will drive the artificial expression you intend to induce.

Several parameters have to be taken into consideration, depending on your goal:

  • Inducing strong expression to be compared to previous works; you may be interested into using/testing standard/ubiquist validated promoters
  • Inducing physiological expression to investigate the effect of bio-engineering in the cell biology without disturbing much of the biological system; we can integrate any promoter sequence amplified from genomic DNA in our constructs.
  • Inducing timely controlled expression of your gene, so the biological effect will only occur when desired; we can discuss working with inducible promoters
  • Studying specific promoters to delineate the way they function; we can devise vector series to assess multiple parameters such as the minimal size, transcription binding sites alteration and so forth -> promoter assay
  • Studying other Cis-elements, such as enhancers or silencers; any non-coding sequence can be integrated at nay location of our construct to study promoter modulation

    Bear in mind that any promoter sequence can be transferred in any type of vector (regular, viral, or multiple gene expression vectors) if needed be, with the main limitation of size of the final DNA vector (<20Kb).

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