Multiple gene expression

About the art of introducing several genetic features in cells in one go.

Because our general knowledge in biology increases, R&D projects are becoming more and more complex tin order to multiparametric questions.

When it comes to genetic engineering, this implies that one will need to transfer multiple genetic information in a single biological system to create its study or production model.

There are several ways to achieve this.

What is coming first in mind is to iteratively introduce transgenes in a system, playing with different resistance markers to ensure every genetic modification has occurred correctly. Although practical as a solution regarding the vector constructs, this is less efficient when focusing on the cellular model now kept in culture under several selection pressures. Such conditions would definitely alter the cellular physiology and thus create a strong bias.

Other solutions exist to trigger multiple gene expression using a single DNA molecule, and they are all manageable using our modular DNA assembly

Bacteria: create multiple expression vectors with multiple RBS-ORF unit in a single mRNA

Eucaryotes: create dual expression vectors using IRES system

Eucaryotes: create dual expression vectors using 2A peptides system

Eucaryotes: create multiple expression vectors using independent cassettes

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