What is more modular than antibodies cloning?

Heavy and Light Iimmunoglobulins chains, constant and variable domains, isotypes, CDRs… all these features, large or small, can be seen as modular bricks when designing expression vectors.

At e-Zyvec we have been working on several projects involving antibodies and we expect to do way more in the coming months.

Here are the topics that we can help you with:

  • Isotype or species switch,
  • CDR Grafting,
  • Combinatorial point mutations (for affinity maturation),
  • Optimization of expression vectors (promoters, signal peptide),
  • Bicistronic expression vectors (both chains in the same construct).
  • So feel free to contact us to discuss your antibody projects, we enjoy working on those.


    Nice examples to come soon: we will keep you updated.

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