Swift and precise construction to meet revision deadlines

We are regularly contacted by researchers who have been asked for the extra result by a peer reviewer, in order to get their study published. We know how it gets: there are three years of work in the paper and just one or two month remaining to provide this extra experiment that will nail it. Just a little bit stressful right?

pasini article SCF

This is how it was when Dr Andrea Pasini reached out to e-Zyvec with rather simple, yet crucial, construct to generate. In this case it was about to work from an existing expression vector and to modify it so the full length protein (scf) would be truncated and tagged at a very specific amino acid position, resulting into the expression of a soluble domain of scf. 

In short, it took us just 2 weeks to generate these constructs (we actually made two versions) exactly as they were needed. Dr Pasini and his team completed the study and met the reviewer’s expectations.

You can read about this elegant work here.

And if you are stuck with revision too ? We can help !!!

Figure: Used from the article « The Scf/Kit pathway implements self-organized epithelial patterning » by Andrea Pasini, licensed under CC BY.

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