Stuck with protein expression issues?

e-Zyvec partners with SYNTHELIS to bring you the best of Cell-Free Synthesis.

In the world of recombinant protein expression, one knows very well that not every ORF will express equally in biological systems. Some proteins are toxic, some are unstable or inappropriately processed. Sometimes you need multiple sub-units to form a complex, or to express membrane bound proteins in proteoliposomes (any COVID-19 project here?)

Cell free expression system might be a solution for such issues.

This is why e-Zyvec and SYNTHELIS are glad to offer 10% on every project using e-Zyvec vectors with Synthelis platform, this until the 31st of July 2020 (code eZ-Synth 2020). Any takers (contact@e-zyvec.fr)?

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