Post-Covid 19 rebound: How do we aim to play our part?

The worldwide Covid 19 crisis is teaching us many things. One thing that applies to our field of activity is that globalization can be both a problem and a solution.

With a rapidly growing biopharmaceutical market, the need for R&D and production for therapeutic molecules is growing. However, some key steps of these activities are hyper centralized. For example, many of the pharmaceutic production units are installed in the United States or China with only few in northern Europe. Closer to e-Zyvec, DNA synthesis providers are only a handful worldwide with few continental facilities providing for the many.

This system has proven efficient in regular days, but also quite fragile when things are going south. Covid 19 crisis has shown us the absolute necessity of a strong biotechnology industry, to quickly answer the needs for recombinant proteins. But it has also underlined our weaknesses: difficulties related to delivery / transport services, closed borders and laboratories crumbling under demand.

What do we propose to do about it? Well, we took advantage of our relatively small size to adapt rapidly. We devised new cloning strategies allowing us, to cut our delay by half in response to emergency situations. We diversified our supplier network, so we could guarantee our activity, regardless of temporary shutdowns. This has proven efficient to deliver many vectors for recombinant protein production during the first weeks of European confinement.

In the post-Covid world, we want to be a smart player, relying on our globalized network to create adaptive responses to each specific demands. We believe we can bring strength and agility to the biotechnology field in Europe and beyond. We aim to improve little things and make big differences.

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