Tailored plasmids means personalized services

e-Zyvec is specialized in generating tailor-made DNA plasmids to answer any specific experimental needs.

At e-Zyvec we do not create plasmids by inserting a sequence of interest into a predesigned (unmodifiable) plasmid backbone. We assemble ready-to-use plasmids in a single and controlled reaction from a series of DNA bricks, so each product will contain all, and only, the required genetic features.

So, do not look for our catalog, we don’t have any.

Thanks to our completely modular approach to design plasmid, any kind of construct can be specified. If the kind of plasmid you need does not exist yet, we will build it for you.

We are not afraid of being challenged !

Let’s work together?


Our service prices will be based on the specifications of your project. One of the first specification will be the complexity of your DNA vectors (Regular, advanced, sophisticated), then the type of services (standard or premium)…

As your understand, tailored services also means tailored fees. If you wish to have a precise price of your project in euros, you will have to create your project on our online platform and submit it to our experts (see below how to do it), or you can also contact us.

How to order







How best to describe a PLASMID than actually drawing it?

Our new application d-Zyvec available on our online platform was designed to do just that!

Here, you will not be tediously browsing through a catalog of backbones. Instead, primary architectures will be drafted from the specifics of your project. From there, everything will be intuitively modifiable with our unique drag and drop system.



Until today, we have produced plasmids up to 23Kb (see the plasmid here). Depending on the complexity of your plasmids, it can be very easy to make plasmids larger than 23Kb. Actually, e-Zyvec is looking for this kind of projects, we are never afraid to be challenged.

e-Zyvec provide the full plasmid sequence once the plasmid design is validated by yourself. After plasmid production, we QC them with NGS technology, and we give you the full sequence of produced plasmids.

There is no number plasmids limitation in your project, take care, once your project is in production, you will not be able to add modifications.

Once you have validated your vector with our experts, we guarantee 3-4 weeks from production to vector delivery in Premium, and 5-6 weeks in regular way.

If you have problems creating your project or drawing your plasmid, you can consult our tutorial here, or book a meeting with our experts.

There are general terms and conditions that are provided with the quote. Amongst them, there is a restricted use of the plasmid constructs for Research purpose.

Matrix should be send at 80 rue du Docteur Yersin, in Loos, 59120. The concentration expected is 15µL minimum volume of your template (≥100ng/µL) or 2µg dried on Whatmann paper.

The way we work is based on regular exchange with the customers. There are a lot of back and forth to ensure that we have the right pieces of information from you, and that what we want to offer actually fits your needs. If we put it in a nutshell, it can be summarized as the big plasmid schema in our Home page.

It’s not strictly a milestone scheme, but everything is not done in one go. All along the project, you get to ask for modifications if needed. We are working in close relationship with you to conduct the project.

The quote is split between the achievements (there are several lines, additional or not) and it is a one-time payment. Generally, payment is due by the beginning of the project (after discussing your needs and what we can offer you).


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