OptimALG : green production of antibodies

In 2018, we have started a collaboration with GlycoMEV, Pr Muriel Bardor’s team at the University of Rouen Normandie, on the development of DNA vectors for micro-algae. The model is a diatom, Phaeodactylum tricornutum that is to be harnessed to bio-produce therapeutic recombinant proteins such as antibodies.

Initially approached as service provider, it became rapidly clear that the perspective of the project deserved a stronger commitment from us. Indeed, Pr Bardor’s vision of revisiting the paradigms of bioproduction with a safer and more sustainable focus is perfectly aligning with our ambition to contribute to a greener future. Based on our first promising experimental results, we thus started to look for funding opportunities to intensify our joint efforts as scientific collaborators. We are glad to announce that our tandem has been recently funded by our respective local authorities through the OptimALG project. GlycoMEV is now supported by the Région Normandie (136k€ grant from FEDER and Région Normandie) and e-Zyvec by the Région Hauts de France (50k€ grant). We welcome the teaming-up of both authorities that is mirroring our scientific collaboration. It will help us to take up the challenge of developing new Bioproduction alternative in France and Europe. 

Sylvain Julien from e-Zyvec and Muriel Bardor from GlycoMEV, URN.

With this support, our current goal is to optimize the protein expression, using a combinatorial and systematic approach to design the vectors to assay. We are also looking into strategies to reach further objectives in the near future. For these, we are already engaging with new partners, both scientific and financial. So, more news about it may come your way soon.  Ultimately, we are confident that OptimALG funding will be the first step on the road of a new success story to be shared with all our partners. We are very grateful for this initial support!

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