New Partnership With Promega!

Let There Be Light… at the end of the tunnel.

e-Zyvec is about bringing together all the relevant genetic features, in any combination, so you can perform your experimentation with the fittest vectors. Therefore, we are proud to announce our new partnership with Promega, worldwide leader in innovative services and products for life sciences.

In 2012, Promega has launched a new generation of luciferase called NanoLuc®. With it’s small size and bright luminescence, NanoLuc® bring unparalleled sensitivity to many applications. From reporter assays to protein: protein interaction analysis and Target Engagement with NanoBRET technology, this enzyme is the cornerstone for studying genetic responses and protein dynamics in cells.


From now on, NanoLuc® will be available from e-Zyvec platform (D-Zyvec) so you can integrate it freely in any of your vector design. It can be fused to any protein of interest or included in any kind of backbone (lentivirus, AAV, regular plasmid…). If your NanoLuc® vector does not exist yet, we can create it for you. 

As our world is now recovering, let’s build up a bright future together !

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