Let’s prepare for a covid-free time

As part of our loyalty program, we have organised a spring draft to grant ‘get together’ prizes and gifts to our customers. Here are the results:

  • – 300€ meeting fellowship to Dr Guillaume Van Niel, INSERM 1266 Institute of Psychiatry and Neuroscience of PARIS.
     » We have benefited from e-Zyvec’s strong reactivity to generate, in a few months, vectors that were too complex to build by ourselves. » said Dr Guillaume Van Niel.
  • – Special virus Twister game to Dr Nicolas Baeyens, Laboratoire de Physiologie et de Pharmacologie ULB BRUXELLES.
    « The service was fast: we received our vectors within the given deadline (one month), from the initial design to the maps’ validation, the synthesis, the sequencing and finally the shipment. » Dr Nicolas Baeyens.
  • – e-Zyvec Dart game to The R&D department of a large European biotech company that wish to remains anonymous.
  •  – Panic Lab card games to : Dr Peter Droge, Nanyang Technological University of SINGAPORE. Dr Stijn De Greave, BioMedical Science Center of Erasmushogeschool BRUSSELS. Dr Denis Mottet, GIGA-Molecular Biology of Diseases Laboratory, Université de LIÈGE.
    « Whole plasmid sequencing gave us clear and reliable results in one shot. With Sanger sequencing, we would still be ‘primer walking’ at increasing cost, not to mention time spent puzzling reads together. » from Dr Stijn De Greave.
prize draw

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