e-Zyvec celebrate its 5 years!

The last 5 years passed in a blink but many has happened since our founding in 2016. Here is a list of some of our evolutions. Some may look silly, but they all mean a great deal for us.

Our team has doubled in 2 years !


We blossomed within the University of Lille and are now growing in our own new built laboratory…

Of course, recently, times have been a bit more challenging for all of us. Life gave us some Covidish lemons that we had to deal with. We turned them in lemonade by improving our services to answer specific and urgent demands to fight off the pandemic. Not only we helped our customers to make significant impact in the Covid field, but also we can now offer our services as Premium rate with a faster turnover.

Speaking of new services, having integrated new generation sequencing (NGS) to improve our internal quality control, we are now proposing it as a service for your own plasmids validation on demand.

Today, thanks to our own web portal, scientists from every country can reach us and ask for tailor-designed vectors. e-Zyvec has now completed more than 200 projects worldwide:

We have also explored the genetic of several biological landscapes and are always up to challenges in unchartered species.

Thanks to all our partners and customers, we do feel privileged to come back every day to do what we love. So, thank you everyone!

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