Meet our team

e-Zyvec is a brand of the company Polyplus specialized in genetic engineering. We provide biologists and genetic researchers with sophisticated tailor-made DNA vectors.

Innovation Director e-Zyvec

Sylvain Julien

Operatively, Sylvain oversees the R&D of the Plasmid Engineering side of Polyplus, he also take part in the commercial side, advising the different customers during the process. Sylvain has a PhD in Life Sciences (2004) and has been a cancer researcher for 15 years (University of Lille, King’s College London, CNRS and INSERM) with >30 scientific publications. Since 2013, the project to create e-Zyvec has been the answer to a long-standing interest in valorization of scientific knowledge and transfer of technology.

Operation Director e-Zyvec

Carine Morel

Carine manages all aspects of the pDNA Engineering services from marketing to production and sales as well as Loos site administrative topics.she joined e-Zyvec project in 2015 to deal with. Now Carine is enjoying to undertake with her teams every challenge our customer are coming with.

Genetic Engineering Application Specialist

Marine Houdou

Marine holds a Biotechnology MSc from ENSTBB in Bordeaux and a PhD in Life Sciences from Lille University.  After her thesis, she moved to Belgium for a 2 year-Post Doc at KU Leuven working on P-type ATPases, polyamines and Parkinson’s Disease. Back in France early 2023, Marine joined us as a Plasmid Engineering Specialist. She is now dedicated to customers’ demands, helping them to make their DNA projects coming true!

Plasmid Specialist

Pauline Vieugue

Pauline obtained her PhD in molecular and cell biology from the University of Lyon (France) in 2017. She then performed a 4-year postdoc at the University of Brussels, on molecular and cellular mechanisms driving in vivo clonal competition and on field cancerization. She joined Polyplus in 2022, as a plasmid specialist, to take care of customer’s requests. She follows customer’s project from the beginning to the end by taking part in the sales process, advising customers, and designing their vectors.
Field Application Specialist

Yohann Faivre

Yohann holds a doctorate degree in microbiology and has been working since 2014 as molecular microbiologist, both in France and Canada. Now at e-Zyvec, Yohann is skillfully and swiftly turning customers’ demands into vectors-building roadmaps to be executed by our top-notch lab team.

R&D Engineer


The story between Léna and Polyplus started during her Master 2 internship as an R&D engineer Assistant. After graduating from her master 2 in Biotechnology at the University of Lille, Léna decided to continue with us as an R&D engineer

R&D engineer

Vianey Deleplace

Vianey has initially joined us as intern focusing on multicistronic vectors. Now holder of a Biotechnology MSc, he is in charge of most of the R&D projects including recombinant mAbs bicistronic vectors and NGS vector sequencing. Natural hardworker, Vianey is daily contributing to our expertise building up.

R&D engineer



Eric has defended a thesis on the factors involved in the step of integrating the retrovirus genome into the host’s DNA, and has worked as a post-doctoral fellow on the implementation of therapeutic tools aimed at inhibiting the step integration of retroviruses. In January 2021, he was not afraid to cross the country and leave Bordeaux to join us as R&D engineer.

R&D engineer


Léah has mastered a 6 months internship with us and initiated the PromeZ project, that is already successfully bringing new insights in the Promoter field. She is now working on several aspects of gene transcription.

Bioinformatics Developer

Nicolas Daccord

Nicolas holds a doctorate degree in bioinformatics specialized in genomics. He is in charge of NGS data analysis and software development for the company – in other words he is tuning up our digital environment to enhance your experience as customers.

Developer Apprentice


Nathan, a CDANT student, has been working at e-zyvec for almost two years. He is in charge of user-side development for a better experience as well as the UX improvement of the application.

Production Supervisor


Julie brought us her expertise of more than 10 years to strengthen the production team, in response to the growing demand. Brace yourself for an even faster production turnover.

Production technician


Eléonore Marez, holds a professional license in biotechnology and therapeutic innovation from the Faculté de Pharmacie – UFR3S – Université de Lille. She is now dedicating her acute organization skills full time to the production process.

Bio Engineer Assistant

Justine Gamet

Facilities Coordinator

Beatrice catieau

Having worked as lab technician for 15 years and as research engineer for 15 more, suffice to say that Beatrice has a complete and clear vision of what Polyplus is about. We were thrilled that Beatrice joined us as trainee while preparing a Management & Business administration MSc. We are even more happy that she joined us permanently as Facilities Coordinator, once she completed her new degree. 

Marketing Project Coordinator

enzo bazzaro

Enzo actually started with us as a trainee for a master degree of Management & Marketing at IAE, and is in charge of marketing for our company. His double competence in biology is real advantage to understand the needs of Polyplus and customers.

marketing assistant

Benoit Vandermoere

Benoit is a new face in the marketing team. In apprenticeship contract at IAE Lille, he assists enzo in the digital marketing tasks.

Discover our app step-by-step and draw your vector

Discover our app step-by-step and draw your vector

Yohann holds a doctorate degree in microbiology and has been working since 2014 as molecular microbiologist, both in France and Canada. Now at e-Zyvec, Yohann is skillfully and swiftly turning customers’ demands into vectors-building roadmaps to be executed by our top-notch lab team.