e-Zyvec’s Technology

Our designing and assembly processes were patented in 2015.

At e-Zyvec we do not create vectors by inserting a sequence of interest into a predesigned (unmodifiable) vector backbone. We assemble ready-to-use vectors in a single and controlled reaction from a series of DNA bricks, so each product will contain all, and only, the required genetic features, including your sequence(s) of interest (SOI).

When designing a new vector, our in-house software will analyse all the required genetic features and their predicted arrangement, i.e. their position and orientation in the desired vector. Enlisted features are matched to DNA bricks or templates already existing in our virtual database. The software will then help us to design new DNA bricks containing any unmatched features (typically customers’ SOI), so that these new bricks will be fully compatible with the existing ones. By analysing both existing bricks and the SOIs to be included, our software also determines the best-suited of our four standardised assembly protocols.

This means that the mix of DNA bricks and the conditions of assembly are re-calculated for every project to ensure optimal production of vectors.

The actual production is handled in our laboratory. Physical DNA bricks are generated using High Fidelity PCR on appropriate DNA templates (either from our customers or providers) prior to vector assembly. Our optimised assembly conditions allow us to routinely assemble several 100 to 8000bp-long DNA bricks (up to 12 different bricks) in a seamless fashion, to generate circular DNA molecules (vectors) generally ranging from 4 to 15kb.

As each single molecule is obtained from a unique mix of DNA bricks, several vectors can be assembled in parallel in series of tubes just differing by the mix of DNA bricks they contain.

In this way, we are able to reduce the time and costs of production.