Company Core Values

The core values of our e-Zyvec compagny : Trustworthiness, Excellence and Respect.

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As our aim is to contribute to other scientists’ research, we understand that our customers expect both reliability and confidentiality. Through our work and relationship with our customers, we hope to create the necessary reciprocal trust to perform our services with the best results.



We provide a valuable service in that we can assemble standard vectors in a time- and cost-efficient manner. We achieve excellence because we can assemble vectors that are so complex and sophisticated that no other provider can match them. We offer our customers the opportunity to push back the frontiers of molecular cloning, while respecting all relevant regulatory and ethical boundaries.


Creating a biotech start-up nowadays is to embark on a human adventure in a rapidly-evolving world. From the beginning of the project we wanted to consider every aspect and to ensure our actions would reflect our regard towards the rights and needs of all parties: our clients, our employees, our partners, our associates and society overall.