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Sylvain Julien

President and co-founder

Operatively, Sylvain oversees the administrative, financial, marketing and commercial tasks, liaising with e-Zyvec’s business partners. Sylvain has a PhD in Life Sciences (2004) and has been a cancer researcher for 15 years (University of Lille, King’s College London, CNRS and INSERM) with >30 scientific publications. Since 2013, the project to create e-Zyvec has been the answer to a long-standing interest in valorization of scientific knowledge and transfer of technology.

ezyvec e-Zytec easyvec easytec esaytech ezytec DNA

Carine Morel

Managing Director and co-founder

Carine runs e-Zyvec’s laboratory and manages both production and R&D operations. During her 20-year career as research scientist (9 laboratories in France and UK), Carine has twice been in charge of setting up research facilities. She joined e-Zyvec’s project in 2015 to manage the technology maturation and patenting processes. Now, Carine is enjoying the challenges of perfecting e-Zyvec’s production tools and creating new ones, so our high-throughput DNA assembly platform can efficiently and flawlessly produce vectors for all our customers.

ezyvec e-Zytec easyvec easytec esaytech ezytec DNA

Geoffroy De Bettignies

Scientific Advisor and co-founder

Geoffroy holds a tenured position of Assistant Professor at the University of Lille and has been working on functional genetics in yeast for the last 15 years. As the main inventor of the technology we exploit, Geoffroy is in a position to contribute to e-Zyvec’s R&D program while remaining an academic. Finding new ways to overcome practical hurdles in molecular cloning is what drives Geoffroy to imagine and test new tools and find swifter ways to accurately manipulate DNA molecules.

Production Team :

the people who are building the vectors you dreamed of

Yohann Faivre 

Production Manager

Yohann holds a doctorate degree in microbiology and has been working since 2014 as molecular microbiologist, both in France and Canada. Now at e-Zyvec, Yohann is skillfully and swiftly turning customers’ demands into vectors-building roadmaps to be executed by our top-notch lab team.

Laetitia Husse 

Production technician

Laetitia initially joined us as an intern to optimise one of the 4 reaction protocols that we currently use in our vector assembly processes. She is now dedicating her acute organization skills full time to the production process.

Godelive Herlin

Production technician

Godelive recently brought us her dynamism to strengthen the production team, in response to the growing demand. Brace yourself for an even faster production turnover !

R&D Team :

the people who are improving our tech, making the prod team’s life better

Kevin Tatin

R&D engineer

Holder of a Biotechnology MSc, Kevin joined us to undertake the several R&D projects that were initiated to enhance our technology and our products, He has already successfully achieved the Ori and lentiviral optimizations, and is not showing any signs of slowing down.

Nicolas Daccord


Nicolas holds a doctorate degree in bioinformatics specialized in genomics. He is in charge of NGS data analysis and software development for the company – in another words he is tuning up our digital environment to enhance your experience as customers.


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