Our new innovative app for build and custom DNA vectors !


Do you need DNA vector that really fit your needs?

Even if they does not exist yet, we can create them!

e-Zyvec is specialized in generating tailor-made DNA vectors to answer any specific experimental needs.

Now, how best to describe a vector than actually drawing it ?

Our new application was designed to do just that!

Here, you will not be tediously browsing through a catalog of backbones. Instead, primary architectures will be drafted from the specifics of your project.

From there, everything will be intuitively modifiable with our unique drag and drop system.

Pick any generic features from our ever-growing database, or simply paste any custom sequence anywhere within the construct. Nothing is restricted!

Be able to submit your vector in a project mode

As personalized medicine is becoming an urgent need, we can help researchers to safely explore the path towards the DNA based drugs.

Get a personalized price estimation

After submiting a project, you will be able to get the price estimation for the conception of your project.

Vectors will be reviewed by our scientists

We provide expert advice, and support throughout the design of your vector.


Group vectors by experiments.

Share projects with your team to visualize or edit.

Confidentiality is ensured.


Use our Sandbox mode to create a vector from scratch, picking features from the virtual database.

Or, use our architecture suggestion menu, that will automatically generate a starting draft of your vector!

Nothing is final till submission, modify your vectors as many times as you like. 

Complete control of your genetic features

Paste any sequence of interest as a new feature to manipulate it as any other one.

Or use any prefilled sequence registered in our database. Prefilled sequence can be filtered using category and subcategory menu, or search though the full database by text.

What NEXT?

Before providing you a quote and final sequences of your vectors drafts, our staff will first review your project and get back to you depending on the following

1 Everything in the project is biologically consistent, we will issue a corresponding quote adressed to your registered e-mail.

2 There are some inconsistencies in your project (for example an ORF without a promoter in a mammalian expression system). Our staff will access and suggest modifications for your project. Once this is done, you will receive an e-mail telling your to check it again. If everything is ok for you, you have to re-submit your project.

Feel free also  to arrange a call with us at any time of the process, so we can make sure we get your specifics right!