4 years of e-Zyvec

e-Zyvec 4 year

Hello Network! This week we are celebrating the birthday of the start-up we created 4 years ago. It may not mean much for you. After all, we are used to see companies spring, thrive, and die all the time. But I wished to seize this opportunity to share with you what it means for me, as a co-founder and entrepreneur.

– 4 years of company life were only possible because of the 3 years of the project preparation. This year e-Zyvec has lived longer as an achievement than as a plan. Good feeling.

– We have now created 9 full time jobs, paid 234 months of salary, hosted 6 interns, contracted dozens of service providers. We created community value just by turning an idea to an economic activity. Feeling good about that too.

– With 3 people in the lab, we have assembled 1093 unique DNA molecules (vectors) for 118 scientific projects. We estimated we saved the scientific community about 4 years of work collectively. Considering the current events, everybody can realize that this is huge. Pride sprinkles over my feelings.

– I can look my kids in the eyes and tell them that I work hard to help people to build an healthier and safer world. Priceless.

So yeah, our start-up might only be 4 years-old today, but these are the reasons why it means a lot to me.

Sylvain JULIEN

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