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e-Zyvec is a biotech start-up specialized in genetic engineering. We provide biologists and genetic researchers with sophisticated tailor-made vectors.

Our vision

We provide an integrated service for design and production of tailor-made DNA vectors.

We enable ambitious projects by generating powerful molecular tools in shorter times.

We are R&D boosters, we help progress makers!

We contribute to the biotechnologies that will make the century greener, safer and more sustainable.

Fundamental Research

We provide biologists with sophisticated tools that boost knowledge production and accelerate innovation


Robustness and refinement of our molecule design swiftly translate in industrial efficiency

Gene therapy

As personalized medicine is becoming an urgent need, we can help researchers to safely explore the path towards the DNA based drugs

General public

We believe genetic engineering is one of the key technology that will help us to tackle the challenges of the century. 

It can used to improve health (e.g. gene and cell therapy) as well as to create the next generation of green industries (e.g. industrial biotechnologies). 

We want to contribute to theses advances by offering our own technology, faster and more accurate, to progress makers.


Founded by scientists to assist scientists, e-Zyvec is provided a wide range of services to create and build tailor-made DNA vectors.

Our aim is to provide the molecular tools that will really fit the experimental needs of each scientist, to ensure they will complete their projects more rapidly and more efficiently.

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As a responsible company based in France, we are taking every measure to comply with our government requests, to ensure our collaborator health, and to maintain, as much as possible our activity to serve our customers. 

Despite of the situation, we believe this new website to be a great opportunity to engage with new customers worldwide, especially if you are working on treatments against the Covid-19!