1 — WE DEFINE your project needs

Alone, or with our experts, draw the draft of your plasmid from scratch, and have a complete freedom on it thanks to our unique online software. If your plasmid doesn’t exist, we build it for you!


To conclude, we do not create plasmid by inserting a sequence of interest into a predesigned backbone. We assemble ready-to-use plasmid in a single and controlled reaction from a series of DNA bricks, so each product will contain all, and only, the required genetic features.


In order to improve the quality control of our plasmid, we developped our in-house sequencing services pipeline. We sequence fully multiple plasmid with the next generation sequencing technology.

We create and build the best plasmid for you!
But not only...

2 — you check that plasmids fit your needs

Because each project are unique and DNA molecules never behave the same way, we face to unexpected questions. Thanks to our experts and our experience, we always provide the expected molecules to our scientifics customers.

3 — WE DESIGN your plasmids

When designing a plasmid, our in-house software will analyse the required genetic features and their predicted arrangement, i.e. their position and orientation in the desired plasmid. The software will then help us to design new DNA bricks containing any unmatched features. 


We asking you to check and validate the design of plasmids before producing them.

OUR Services

e-Zyvec provides an integrated service for design and production of tailor-made DNA plasmid.


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Formerly an innovative biotech specialized in genetic engineering. Now e-Zyvec is a full services owned by Polyplus®. Our main activity is to provide biologists and genetic researchers with sophisticated tailor-made DNA vectors.

Polyplus ® SA is the leading biotechnology company that supports Gene and Cell therapy, biologics manufacturing and life science research with innovative solutions. Polyplus® strengths are 20 years of experience in manufacturing transfection solutions with tailored scientific and regulatory support to accelerate research.

At e-Zyvec we do not create vectors by inserting a sequence of interest into a predesigned (unmodifiable) vector backbone. We assemble ready-to-use vectors in a single and controlled reaction from a series of DNA bricks…
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With e-Zyvec, you are free to fully customize your plasmid from scratch with (or without) the help of our scientists. If your plasmid doesn’t exist, we built it for you!

Inside our plasmid service, we offer you a free access on our onlineplatform that allows you to draw your plasmid and put all your needs. Your plasmid will then be reviewed by our experts and validated by yourself. Finally, we produce it, and you receive a ready-to-use plasmid!


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